Purple Wedding Flower Bouquets

Baby's breath has been adored for years by brides to use as a filler that softens a bouquet design.  As you can see, one grower's bunch is plenty for 6 or more bouquets.  Some flower websites force you to buy in minimums of ten.  That is a lot of baby's breath!

Dry packed bouquet look flattened and mashed when they arrive in your delivery box.

Process your flowers correctly and allow to rehydrate in a water bucket until the tiny blooms burst open to a full clustered bunch.

I don't want to overpower my design with too much filler, so I just tuck it among the flowers heads here and there for a wispy look.

It softens the look and gives balance to the white hydrangea by scattering more white among the dark purple shades.

This bouquet is SOOOOOO easy - it practically designs itself!

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