pomander wedding bouquet

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Pomander wedding bouquets are easy to create with Oasis Netted Spheres.  If you need more detailed instructions for creating flower pomanders, be sure to click on the button at the bottom of the page.  Recipe pages give you a list of the products needed, while the tutorials give you step by step pictures, teaching you how to green use the floral products correctly and professional florist tips on designing.

Never feel you have to duplicate this recipe completely.  Change the colors or even use different flower varieties to create designs unique for your wedding.

For this particular recipe, the following products are needed:

First step is to allow your Oasis Netted Sphere to float soak in water that has been treated with a professional flower food.  Remember that the larger the ball, the heavier it is to carry.  To create a larger bouquets, lengthen them an inch or two longer.  Use the smaller 3" balls for flower girls so their flower pomander is lighter.

If you need a more detailed tutorial, browse through the step by step photo tutorials at the beginning gallery.

Finishing Touch is a flower sealant that locks in the moisture in the flower petals.  With air conditioning and home refrigerators, moisture is pulled out of the air.  Finishing Touch helps slow down that transparency process.

Floralock comes with a long straw that is fitted in between the flower stems and short bursts of adhesive is sprayed where the stems enter the foam.  This locks the stems in place.

Be sure to saturate your foam again if needed.  Fresh flowers are living and will pull moisture out of foam every day. Just like a flower vase, you need to replenish the water as the flowers use it.

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