pomander ball

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A pomander ball is fairly simple to design.  Professional florists used to have to help support the foam spheres by taping on a gride of waterproof tape.  Now the netted Oasis ball eliminates that step, bringing it down simply to a "soak and poke" design!

For this flower ball  you'll need the following supplies:

If you need step by step guidance for creating your own pomander ball, be sure to check out my flower tutorials, which go into much greater detail on designing flowers.  They also show how to correctly process fresh flowers upon arrival and explain each floral product and why professionals use them.

For example, I use Floralife Finishing Touch with every flower design, including bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and centerpieces.  Professional floral coolers are designed to put moisture into the air, for a high density of water is present where the flowers are store.

Regular home air conditioners and refrigerators delete the moisture in the air, thus dehydrating flowers instead of re-hydrating flowers.  Products like Finishing Touch help lock moisture into the flower petals, slowing the wilting process.

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