pink wedding bouquet

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For this pink wedding bouquet, you'll need the following:

Belle Grande Holder
8 stems Leatherleaf Fern
2 stem flat Sword Fern
2-3 blades Lily Grass
10-15 blades Bear Grass
3-4 Large, light pink roses
7 stems bright pink Snapdragons
2-3 stems dyed Hot Pink Statice
1 stem pink Wax Flower
2 stems green Hypericum Berries
2-4 stems pink Asters
Floralock Stem Adhesive
Wooden Cowee Picks
Finishing Touch

When greening a bridal bouquet, it's important to choose the right bouquet holder  for your design. This is no place to cut cost. I prefer a holder with a larger head of foam. Remember - this is the life of your bouquet, since the water stored in the foam is what keeps the flowers alive.

Leatherleaf fern is a very popular green used by professional florists. You commonly see it in most every bouquet of flowers. It is inexpensive and a lot of laterals are available to be cut off every stem.

Nice long fronds off a single stem is easily separated into usable pieces.

Make a clean cut with a knife rather than tearing it off the stem. You will find it easier to insert into the foam.

How long you extend your greenery pieces will determine the dimensions  of your finished bouquet. Your flowers should extend just slightly beyond the tip of the greens. Creating the greenery framing first gives you control over the final size.

I continue to fill around the outer diameter of the wedding bouquet.

Now using slightly shorter pieces of leather leaf, I begin to lightly fill in the center of the bouquet. Point the greens in the center straight out, then gradually begin rotating the greens outward towards the sides. This gives depth rather than a flatness to your bouquet design.

The unique look and color of flat sword fern gives a wonderful texture and adds interest to any bouquet.

Here I'm inserting two longer stems down at the bottom of the bouquet to draw the eye down the entire length of the cascade.

Decorative grasses are another green I love to incorporate into bouquets. Thinner greens are those like Bear Grass, broader blades should be Lemon or Lily grass.

Cowee picks are invaluable for wiring grasses and flower stems when greening a bridal bouquet. These wooden picks come with twists of fine wire on the ends. You lay the pick against the stem or looped grass and wind the wire tight around it. The wood will swell and tighten in when inserted into the wet foam, securing the flower stem securely.

Don't have any Cowee picks?  Substitute the wooden skewer picks you find at any grocery store.  Tape them to the side of the flower or greenery with floral tape.

Here are two blades of lily grass double looped and secured with a Cowee pick.

See how I staggered the size of the loops and then inserted them right above the Sword fern.

I then secured two single blades of lily grass with Cowee picks and inserted them on the left side of the bouquet.

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