pink flower arrangement

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This pink flower arrangement could easily be changed to yellow, blue, red or even mixed flower colors.  It was created on an 11" crystal compote vase, which can become rather expensive to buy.  The recommended price on this arrangement is $265.00!!  You can get it much cheaper by using a few "florist tricks" for the look without paying the price.

You can get a similar look (but cheaper) if you use an acrylic riser, fastening a cheap container to it with florist clay and invest your money in the FLOWERS instead of a fancy container.  The best part is you can use these over and over or sell them after the wedding is done.

If you want your flowers to last like one created by a florist, start by learning how to process your flowers correctly.  You don't have the advantage of a walk in cooler that is laden with moisture in the air. . . so don't skip the floral products that will help keep your flowers healthy and beautiful all through your wedding day!  It's better to substitute cheaper flowers than it is to skip the inexpensive professional products that mean life to a flower.  Your wedding flowers is not the time to use "home remedies" when the professional brand is so cheap and readily available.

Float soak the foam in water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food.  Tape the Oasis foam into your silver container, securing it with waterproof tape.  Arrange your flowers and deliver separately (not yet attached to the pedestal).  After you set up the pedestal on the table surface, rim the surface of the acrylic riser with white florist clay.  Center the flower container over the center of the acrylic riser and then press down firmly.  The clay is very sticky and will flatten and create a tight seal between the riser and the container.

Now is the time to insert those long, drooping tulips, which could have been crushed in delivery or their heads broken or bruised.  Always think ahead about how you will transport and set up your flowers, which is just as big a part of the job as the designing part.

If you need more help on the flower designing part, be sure to check out the step by step flower centerpiece tutorials and the altar flower tutorials.

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