pink and green wedding bouquet

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This pink and green wedding bouquet is a show stopper with a free style look combined with succulents as the flower blooms.  This is a hand tied clutch, but you must take care to wire the succulents as they have no natural long stems.

To create this look, you'll need the following flowers and florist supplies:

If you have never designed with succulents, be sure to check out this detailed tutorial on how to clean and wire them for use in bridal bouquets.

Don't try to be too perfect with your insertions of flowers.  It is the asymmetrical design that makes this bouquet so charming.  You should consider using a bouquet holder, as it is simple winding the wired wooden picks around the stems of flowers before inserting into the foam.  As the boronia, which is a form of heather, opens, you will see tiny star shaped flowers.  

Buying the succulents in an assortment pack is generally better by cost than ordering each different succulent separately.

If using a bouquet holder, use Floralock Stem Adhesive to ensure the stems stay in place in the wet florist foam.  When finished, spray the entire bouquet with a misting of Finishing Touch flower sealant.

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