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Pew Decorations

Adding Variegated Pittosporum

I love the look of variegated pittosporum.  Unfortunately, too many "wholesale" flower websites either overprice their greens above the DIY bride's reach or insist you buy large quantities!  Ten bunches?  I rarely order that much when I do a large wedding myself.

Better off to order single bunches at a time and mix up a good variety of greens in your pew markers, bridal bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.  You have a more professional look and enjoy a lot more variety.

Here is one single bunch of variegated pittosporum.  A medium sized wedding usually only needs a bunch or two if you are mixing it with other (cheaper) greenery such as leather leaf fern.

One stem is plenty for this pew marker tutorial.  I am going to cut it into shorter pieces.

Use a sharp knife and BE CAREFUL.  The stems are tough and rubbery.  Cut at a slant to make insertion into the foam easier.

I inserted the first piece in the lower right, pushing upwards so it faces down.

I then inserted a large open faced piece a little off center to the right.

The variegated edges gives the greenery a unique look and helps define it in the overall design.