Pew Decorations

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Your fresh pew decoration is really beginning to take shape!  Note how the greens (while still being kept fairly short and close to the pew) are still very dimensional.

A side view shows that you have a lot of interest going on and you really only need a few more finishing touches to be able to add fresh flowers.

I adore lily grass.  It has broad, glossy green blades and adds so much to every single design.

The blade of lily grass is firm enough that I can slide it into the foam without having to wire or use a wooden pick like I would if I used Bear grass.  A single blade gives a long clean line and draws the eye down the length of the design.

I cut a second piece much shorter and insert it on the left side, under the Israeli Ruscus piece.

Then to jazz it up a bit I cut both ends off to a sharp point and insert both ends into the foam, creating a loop of the grass.

I insert a second loop directly under the first one.

Here's a closer view so you can see what they look like.

Don't feel that you have to use the same exact greens I did.  There are other great choices out there including trailing ivy, Italian Ruscus, Salal tips and more.

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