Pew Marker Decorations

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OK!  Let's take this to a whole new level.  You can flower in the pew marker now and it'll be lovely with just leather leaf greenery.  But I like to push it up a notch and add in Israeli Ruscus.

The broad green leaves add another size and texture, creating a whole new look.

I'm going to extend the length of the design with the long lines of the ruscus.  But I still keep the top shorter, because I don't want the greens sticking up in someone's face as they are sitting on the end of the aisle.  They want to see the bride come down the aisle - not a face full of greens!

I added in two more ruscus at the bottom, one shorter than the other.

I then added in a few shorter pieces on the sides and towards the middle of the design.

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