peony wedding bouquet

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Lay out your stripped peony stems within easy reach.  I suggest you mist the heads well with Finishing Touch.  The goal is to work quickly and restore the peonies to refrigeration so to hold the blooms from opening as long as possible.

Set aside the stems with the remaining leaves and buds for surrounding the bouquet when finishing up.

As you can see, the peony heads begin to blow open pretty quickly when in a warm room.

Hold several stems together in your hand to create the rounded center of the peony wedding bouquet.

Add more stems, turning the bouquet around 1/3 turn each time.  It isn't necessary to cross the stems like most spiral bouquets, unless you have a lot of other flower stems in the design.  The stems are fairly soft and flexible.

Adjust the heads of the peonies so they cluster together.  Don't feel necessary to make each flower head perfect in the same height.  By slightly varying the height and depth of different blooms, you can a more casual flair and give the bouquet some depth perception.

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