peony centerpiece

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Let's fill out this peony centerpiece with another shade of pink to soften the brightness of the peonies.  These spray roses look rather peachy, and will give some contrast to the other pinks in the design.

Spray roses tend to have at least two heads and a bud or two on each stem.  Use them as a cluster, otherwise they will be overwhelmed by the large size of the peonies.

Look for the open spaces to tuck these lovely little rose blooms into.

Astilbe is a sweet filler flower, coming in soft shades of soft ivory to pink.  These stems are long enough to fill in different levels.

Tuck the astilbe into the remaining open areas that can create a solid massed look in the center.

If this is an all around design, turn the piece occasionally to be sure you are making the back as attractive as the front.  If this is just for the altar, you can insert your flowers so they are only visible from the front and sides.

As you finish up, see if there is a big enough hole to fit in another large flower head or so.  Order a few more stems than you need so you can fill in unexpected holes.  Do create flower recipes that you can refer to as you being to design.  

Check out how to create your flower list, calculating the right number of bunches of both flowers and greens that you need to order.

Once the overall design is finished, mist well with Finishing Touch and lock the stems into place with Floralock Stem Adhesive.

Here is a beautiful design that anyone would love to display on their bridal table, banquet food tables or ceremony or altars pieces.

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