pedestal centerpiece

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A pedestal centerpiece is created in a bowl or plate that is elevated on a stem.  The containers are sometimes referred to as compote bowls.

To create a design similar to this one, you'll need the following supplies and flowers:

Hard Goods & Tools:

Fresh Flowers:


The first step to designing flowers is to process your wedding flowers correctly.  Treating your flowers like a professional florist helps lengthen the life of your flowers.  Don't skip the recommended flower products, as they really do keep the flowers alive longer (especially if you don't have a large walk in cooler for storage as a flower shop would!)

Soak the Oasis Florist foam in water that has been treated with Crystal Clear flower food.  

As this was intended as a small altar spray for the church, the flowers were massed to the front and rather one sided.  The white roses were clustered in the center and framed by the dark blue flowers.

When finished, be sure to mist with either Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory and allow to dry before refrigerating.  If you need step by step directions for designing a pedestal centerpiece, be sure to check out the compote flower tutorials.

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