pearl pin boutonniere

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Adding pearl pins to your boutonniere designs completes the final touch of elegance.  You need to shorten the steel shank of the pin, taking care to do it safely.

Always take care to use eye protection.  Sharp ends of the pins can go flying off when cut.

To prevent this, I insert the pin into a stiff piece of styrofoam, leaving only the length of shank you want on the pin.

Using a pair of heavy wire cutters, carefully cut the pin.

The final result is a very short pearl headed pin.

I'm going to insert it into the front of the boutonniere, pushing hard to insert the full length between the two bent over leaves.

All final flower designs should be misted well with a sealant such as Finishing Touch.  Allow it to dry before putting the cut flower designs into the refrigerator.

Pin all boutonnieres on the wearer's left tux lapel.  Push a corsage in from the back of the lapel and up into the actual flower, burying the point deep so not to harm the wearer.

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