ranunculus wedding bouquet

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Is this a Peony wedding bouquet or something else?   Often mistaken for peonies, this lovely ranunculus bouquet has a similar look, but the flowers have a smaller head.

You'll need the following products:

Ranunculus flowers are often mistaken for peonies.  They boast the numerous petals that open gradually just as a peony does.  However, the flower heads are generally smaller in size.

The problem is that these flowers often have a very short growing season.  These blush peach are available from November to February and are known as Blush Italian Cloony Ranunculus. 

Peonies, however, are grown on bushes, often with two or three flower heads per single stem.

Cut as long as possible a single head on each stem.

Those with an open flower head need the leaves stripped off the length of the stem.  Reserve the closed buds and the green leaved stems aside for later use.

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