outdoor wedding arrangements

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Outdoor wedding arrangements are as hard to make as you might think.  Larger arrangements are rather fun to do.  Get creative by adding in your own elements or design magic!

To make a similar look, you'll need the following fresh flowers and flower products that will keep your designs fresh longer:

Read through the large urn arrangements to get a feel for greening up large arrangements.  You also need to check out how to process your wholesale wedding flowers.  Don't skip the products.  Your flowers  are for a very important day and worth the small expense of professional florist supplies.  They will extend the life of your flowers and keep them fresh up to and through your wedding day.

Always end with a good misting of Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  This helps keep the moisture in those petals that air conditioning steals out of the air.  Be sure to add water to your foam cages and don't allow them to go dry.  These flowers are a living organism and need  both water and food to get the longest life.

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