Mixed Flower Vase

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The lower laterals I removed from the stems have pretty long stems themselves after I remove a few of the bottom fronds.

I certainly don't want to waste any greenery and would rather use it in my design.

I begin to place these laterals in between the flower heads, helping to maintain the distance evenly between the flowers.

Look for open "holes" for places to use these final greenery stems.

Look on all sides, filling in the empty places.

See if any of the flowers need extra support to stay in place.

Take care, however, not to insert the green leaves down under the water level.

Pull the green heads outward and down.

The flower design has now closed in, a lovely mass of interlocked flowers and greenery stems.

You've also kept your vase sparkling clean and no debris to contaminate the water!  Still - remember to change the water at any signs of cloudiness, pouring out the old and replacing it with fresh flower with the remaining flower food mixed in before adding to the vase.

Turn your flower vase around and look from all sides.

This simple vase technique becomes second nature with practice and can soon be done in a matter of minutes.  Who wouldn't like a fresh vase of flowers in the center of their table at all times?

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