make your own bridal bouquet

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Want to make your own bridal bouquet? This unique wedding bouquet lends a whimsical look for a rustic themed bouquet.  Don't feel limited to particular grasses, but look through available autumn grasses to create your own look.

This design is a hand tie that is ringed with dried coils of grapevine.  If you want a similar look, try the following decorative grasses.  Just keep in mind that the availability of different grasses are definitely seasonal!  Add until you are satisfied with the size of the bouquet.  Keep in mind these stems are very slender and the bunches are sold by weight, not per stem count.

  • 15 stems of Pampas Grass
  • 10 stems little Bunny Fountain Grass
  • 10 stems Broomcorn
  • Uncoiled dried Grapevine
  • 10 Stems Bearded Wheat
  • 10 Stems Silver Feather Fountain Grass

Do you need more designing help than a product list?  Check out our free step by step bridal bouquet tutorials.  Choose your style, making sure to check out several as you can pick up different design tips.  This includes professional florist recommendations regarding various flower choices and substitutions.

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