make your own bridal bouquet

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You can make your own bridal bouquet similar to the picture below with the following flowers and greens:

Always feel free to substitute other flowers for the ones shown.  That's how you make the bouquet uniquely your own.  Attendant bouquets usually are smaller than the bride's bouquet, but contain some of the same flowers.

Always mist well with a flower sealant upon finishing.  If you need more design help, check out the quick links below for tutorials and other popular flower choices.


Spiral Bouquet Video

Processing Flowers Correctly

Flower Pods

Identifying Garden Roses

Identifying Succulents

Choosing Flowers by Color

Rose Varieties

Large Leaves

Calculating Total Flowers You Need

Eucalyptus Varieties

Eulalia Colors

Tropical Flowers

Celosia Colors

Best Buy Combo Packs

Ornamental Grasses

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