make your own bridal bouquet

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You can make your own bridal bouquet for the design below with the following products and flowers:

To make your spiral hand tied bouquet, the technique is to add each flower or green as a slanted "cross" over the previous stem.  You then rotate the bouquet about a 1/3 turn.  You will see the open space between the flower heads (indicated by the yellow "V")  This is where the next flower head will fit in between two flower heads.  As you continue adding flowers and rotating, the heads of the flowers will flare outward in a rounded manner.

Check out this video:

Do you need more designing help than a product list?  Check out our free step by step bridal bouquet tutorials.  Choose your style, making sure to check out several as you can pick up different design tips.  This includes professional florist recommendations regarding various flower choices and substitutions.

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