Make hydrangea bridal bouquet

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You can make your hydrangea bridal bouquet look more round using three stems rather than just two.

Add the next hydrangea bloom.  Just two stems look rather oval when finished - that's why I always use three stems.

Continue adding in the rose heads, keeping them slightly elevated above the massed hydrangea petals.

You can see how the rose heads are separated evenly between the mass of hydrangea florets.

Start crossing the stems so the rose heads can be placed on the outer circumference of the bouquet.

Some stems will have to be worked down slowly and gently into the hydrangeas.

Pull the rose stem down until is it placed correctly.  Continue adding roses until you have a rounded bouquet with the roses spaced evenly across it.

After all roses have been taped securely in place, wrap the handle with ribbon and tie off in a bow.  Unspool a length of ribbon and hold it against the taped portion of the handle.

Wrap it securely around the stems, overlapping the edges as you go down the handle.

Create a loop around the bottom and draw the cut end through the loop and pull it tightly.

Add another cut section around the looped end.

Snip the tails off short and then "V" cut the tails.

Insert a corsage pin deep through the knot to hold it securely.  Make sure the pointed end of the corsage pin is embedded into the flower stems and does not come out of the other side to prick hands.

Your bouquet ribbon will now remain secure and tight against the handle of your hydrangea bouquet.

For a more decorative finished, you can add more pearl pins up the center of the wrapped handle to add more pearl accents.

Be sure to leave the bottom stems exposed and always store in water after dipping the cut ends in alum spice.  This has been used for years to extend the life of the flowers.   Your hydrangea bouquet will wilt quickly without a water source and must be kept constantly hydrated.

Be sure to mist well with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch to keep the petals hydrated longer.

Hydrangeas are a very thirsty flower, keep it in a vase of water in a refrigerator until ready to use and mist each day with Finishing Touch until the wedding day.

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