How to Make a Flower Corsage

Wire and Tape Method

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Now the assembly of your wired corsage begins.  Choose a bud or a tighter closed flower for the top part of your corsage.  The largest blooms are in the center and taper out to smaller, tighter blooms at the ends.

Place a wired leaf behind the first flower head, with just about 1/3 of the leaf peeking over the flower head.  Remember the leaves compliment the flowers - don't overpower them by staggering too high or using too big of a leaf.

As you tape the flowers and leaves together, bind tightly, then bend out one of the wired stems and snip off the excess wire.

You want enough stem to tape together, but always cutting away the excess wires so to keep the bulk of the stems down as much as possible.

Here's a side view of the finished taped leaf and flower bud.

Now I begin to cluster in other leaf varieties.  Here I'm adding a sprig of the ivy leaf.

The wonderful part of using silk ivy is that they can bend in very interesting manners, winding around the flower heads.

Always cluster tightly around the flower heads, but never covering the flowers up so you can't see them.

Remember the back part has to be flat so it can be pinned against the should or laid flat against the wrist.

Again, tape tightly, snipping off excess wire.