wiring miniature carnations

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Miniature carnations are wonderful for corsage and boutonniere designs.  The flower heads are compact and have a long life even after being cut. 

The flower has a pleasing fragrance and holds up well in cut work.  There are usually several flower heads on each stem.

Cut both buds and open blooms to give you a variety of textures in your design.  Wire the individual flower heads in the same manner as you did your roses, by piercing the calyx with a 26 gauge floral wire.

Bend the wires down parallel to the stem.

Begin taping with floral tape high on the flower head.  Note how the light green tape blends well with the color of the flower stem.

Continue to place your wired flowers with the other parts of your corsage.

Wire and tape several more miniature carnations in the same manner.

Carnations should feel firm and compact.  If you squeeze the flower head and it is soft, it is past it's prime and shouldn't be used.

Tape down the wire stem, pulling and stretching as you wind it down so it adheres to itself and stays in place.

If you are pressed for time, it is better to do your corsages and boutonnieres as an assembly, with one person doing the wiring and taping of the flowers and greenery and another person assembling the corsages.

They look more uniform this way.

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