make a corsage - wiring waxflower

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Wax flower is a grassy filler flower with tiny blooms that come in pinks, whites, and purple.  You can also tint the white with Design Master's Just for Flower that can turn it into assorted colors without harming the flowers.

This is a nice alternative to baby's breath when in season.

A single bunch is shown below.  Add some to all your flower designs, including boutonnieres, bouquets, table centerpieces and more.

This filler  flower also come in other colors.

When adding filler flowers such as wax flower or baby's breath, it is really tempting to overdo.  Too much filler and you can begin to overpower your focal flowers (in this case, the roses.)

Wire smaller sprigs of wax flower and you can have better control over just how much you put into your corsage design.

Hook the wire over a small lateral and then cover the wire with floral tape.

Keep the stems flexible and slender so they don't add a lot of bulk to your corsage or boutonniere design.

It is wise to mist your cut flowers with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch to keep them fresh.  If you are doing large quantities of corsages and boutonnieres, place them in the refrigerator if the room is warm as you are working on the next flower or greens.

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