How to Make a Corsage

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Simple one flower corsages can have added interest by creating a mix of greenery.  I started with white daisies and added Israeli Ruscus and ribbon loops.

Begin by taping the wired Israeli leaf in place, dropping down a little lower with each addition.

The leafs should peek out from behind the flower heads, framing the back of the corsage.

Here's a view from the side.  Notice that the leaves naturally "cup" around the flower heads and usually face to the front when laid against the wrist or pinned to a bodice.

The back view of the corsage builds a flattened look on the back.

Now I'm going to add in some fronds of leather leaf fern.  This common greenery is found in every flower shop.  It is available year round and is an good choice as an inexpensive green that holds up well.

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