Learn How to Make a Corsage

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When gluing your leaves and flowers into place, you must learn patience.  It takes a bit for the glue to become tacky and adhere properly.  

Squeeze GENTLY or you'll have an enormous amount of glue to contend with.

Give a few seconds to become tacky.

Apply the leaf to the silicone pad that is attached to the corsage bracelet.

Press down firmly and hold for a few seconds to assure a good bond.

After the first leaf is firmly attached, apply glue to a second leaf.

Apply to the corsage bracelet, layering over the first attached leaf.

Continue adding more leaves, each time pressing down firmly at the point of contact.  Be careful not to get glue on your fingertips, as it can transfer to other leaves and flower heads.

The glued leaves define the shape and size of the final corsage.

You can either make your corsage round or elongated.  Choose your leaves accordingly.

All the leaves are applied in a circular patter, each one overlapping the leaf before it.

Once the leaves are in place, prepare your roses (focal flowers) while the glue is drying on the leaves.

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