How to Make a Corsage

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The corsage looks beautiful just the way it is.  Please note that I created this corsage for a larger woman.  For a hand as small as mine, I would have probably scaled down the design.

I like the shape and dimension of the wristlet.  I sometimes try on the flowers just to be sure I'm shaping the design correctly and that it doesn't "flop around" on the wrist.

I am adding another small accent flower.  Wax flower is a cool filler, combining tight bead like heads with tiny pink, white or lavender flowers.

It usually only takes one small sprig to accent a single corsage.

I snip off the small laterals and strip off the bottom leaves or branches before gluing into place.

Apply the glue carefully and slide the stem under the other flower heads.

Tuck clusters in here or there to accent (not overpower) the final design.

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