lavender unity candle set

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This lavender unity candle set is a beautiful blend of lavender and purple flowers, featuring roses, larkspur, button poms and hydrangea blooms.

To create a similar unity set, you'll need the following products and fresh flowers.  Let's start with the pillar candle.  It shows a "floating" flower ring around the center of the candle.  

Measure down the candle and decide where you want the ring wreath to rest.  Remember that the flower ring will be a couple inches thick.  Using the waterproof tape, attach it around the pillar candle.  Once in place, gently push each of the corsage pins through the tape into the candle.  The tape is to give added support so the candle doesn't crack.  (It helps to have a lit candle, holding the pin's tip into the fire and heating the tip before pushing into candle.)

Float soak the ring in water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food.  (Please don't skip this step.  Especially with DIY flowers, that don't have the advantage of a large walk in cooler such as a florist has, needs the nutrients as well as the water to extend the life of the flowers.  Read more on how to process your wholesale flowers correctly.

Insert your flowers into the ring, using the roses first, then adding the filler flowers.  If you need more guidance on arranging the flowers, read up on centerpiece tutorials.

The double taper candle arrangement uses the following products and fresh flowers:

Float soak oasis foam in water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food.  Cut foam to fit with 1" above the bowl rim.  Tape into bowl with waterproof tape.  Insert two candle stakes in center of bowl.  Arrange flowers in bowl as shown  Transport candles and centerpiece separately to the church and insert after placing on altar.

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