Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

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This hydrangea bridal bouquet is going to be made up of delightfully soft shades of color.  Delphinium is one flower that truly comes in what we consider a "blue" shade.  It is available in a light pastel shade and a more vivid dark blue.

I use a sharp floral knife to cut a single stalk into smaller cuttings to insert deep into my bouquet design.

The center stalk is rather tough, so I can push it deeply into the foam and allow the thinner laterals bearing the blooms to spring out in a casual manner.

You can see even on a closeup that the cut ends are not really noticeable in the overall design of the bouquet.

Although I want an even touch of blue over the entire piece, I don't try to be too precise in my insertions, simply tucking a piece here and there.  

I do reserve back a little of my delphinium to include in the matching groom's boutonniere and hold back some for the corsage work.

You can see how not only the colors, but the different shapes and textures of each flower really add a lot of interest to this lovely bouquet.

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