Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

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When creating a hydrangea bridal bouquet, a good floral designer always takes advantage of using as much of every fresh product as possible.  This includes the leaves.  Hydrangea leaves are big, glossy and green and can help conceal the foam head of the bouquet holder.

I selected a few of the best leaves, although imperfect leaves are not that noticeable and also work well as concealers.

Place the leaf with the "right side out" (topside) of the leaf showing and hold into place with your thumb.

Notice that the leaf actually "cups" around the floral foam head.

I use a wider width of green floral tape for this step.  You can use the narrow width, but it will take a few more windings to hold the leaf in place.  Tape the leaf tightly against the handle of the holder, stretching the tape in order that it becomes sticky and adheres to itself.

You want to keep the bulkiness of the handle down to a minimum, since this is where the bride will grasp and hold the finished bouquet.

I used my floral knife to cut off the bottom part of the leaf.  You can see just a few edges peeking out from under the floral tape.

Cover all the rough edges and have the tape smooth and be sure it is tightly wound against the handle.

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