Hand Tied Bridal Bouquets

Adding in Salal Leaf

I LOVE salal leaf (also commonly known as "lemon leaf").  The broad green leaves are gorgeous, the greens hold up well and they look good in bouquets, the single leaves in corsages and bouts and stunning in pew and floral decorations.

A single stem commonly has several laterals and can be cut apart to insert into bouquet work.

Here I've removed several laterals and am placing a single lateral against the base of the flowers.

Cluster the leaves tightly under the flower heads and tape into place as before.

Cut the extended stems off or wait until the design is completed.  Greens can be snipped with wire cutters because they often have tough or rubbery stems - just don't use them on delicate flower stems.  Use a sharp floral knife or bunch cutters to cut flower stems.  Those blades are angled and designed specifically to cut flowers without crushing the stems.

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