glass bowl for centerpieces

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Now that your glass bowl for these centerpieces is gridded, let's begin adding flowers.  The first is spray stock.  Regular stock is one stem with a solid mass of flowers, whereas the spray stock branches off into several laterals.

Just cut the flower laterals off separately and work their natural curve into the design.  It may look a little wild at this stage, but as you add more flowers you'll see this design shape up quickly.

Now I'm inserting another stem of purple stock and lean it the opposite way.  The grid is helpful because it keeps these stems where they need to be at this point.

Insert two more stems into the glass bowl so you now have four stems, all leaning in four different directions.

The flowers themselves now begin forming a grid in the bowl, so they will help keep the other flowers in place.  All will be interlocked later, helping stabilize the design for transporting.

You can see that this one goes right down the center of the  glass bowl.

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