Fresh Flower Wedding Bouquet

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I can't resist adding in one more type of greenery.  Variegated pittosporum has glossy rounded leaves with a waxy feel and beautifully edged in creamy off white.

A little of this fantastic greenery goes a long way and adds wonderful elements to bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres!

Cut it carefully.  The stems are rather tough and it's easy for a sharp knife to slip.  I cut between the pieces on the long stem and insert the cut pieces into the lower right of my bouquet.

Don't forget to tuck in a few other leaves here and there, not forgetting the top and sides of your bouquet.

Even one stem of this luscious greens is enough to make this bouquet really stand out.

Again I give an gentle bend to a longer piece of the pittosporum, so I can insert it into the left side and elongate the curve of the greens on that side of the design.

I leave it long enough that the beautiful leaves peek out from under the leather leaf fern.

I even had enough pieces for tuck some in between the lily grass loops on the top.

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