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Fresh Flower Wedding Bouquet

Creating a fresh flower wedding bouquet isn't as hard as you imagine.  I have tutorials for all the basic shapes, including round, standard cascade, hand tied, mock hand ties and now a crescent.

Keep in mind you don't have to use just roses - you can substitute a mixture of lilies, carnations, freesia, chrysanthemums, callas and more.  Let your own wedding color scheme and imagination be your guide.

Here is the basic products needed for this bridal bouquet as shown:

Fresh flower wedding bouquet . . . .

Realize that this tutorial is about guiding you through the many steps of the design process.  It begins with treating your wholesale flowers upon arrival just as a professional florist would.  It is so important to re-hydrate your flowers immediately upon arrival, while using products such as Quick Dip and misting them well with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch.

Gather the tools and buckets you'll need BEFORE they arrive.  Make sure you have a work table that is near a water source.  Above all . . . be organized.  Cutting the flowers is work!  Be sure put your flowers in water buckets that have been treated with a quality cut flower food.  

Use a grid system to keep the flower heads spread apart.  Their blooms will open up better if they are not crowded into buckets and pressing close against each other.  This situation causes bacteria growth and can prevent some of your flowers from opening up fully.