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Fresh Flower Wedding Bouquet

Using Leather Leaf Fern

Fresh leather leaf fern is a common greenery used by every professional flower shop.  Greenery is usually used to extend flowers and stretch your flower budget.

You wouldn't know that by some of the "wholesale" online flower sites.  They require DIY brides to buy ridiculously large quantities and claim that 10 bunches "retails" for $150.  In reality, in my own local area a single bunch of leather retails for about $6 - not $15 as claimed.

Ten bunches is a LOT of greenery.  I suggest you buy both your flowers and fresh greenery by single bunches.  This way you can get a mixture and buy only what you need.  Claims of "free delivery" is certainly figured into the inflated pricing of different websites.

In reality, a single bunch of leather usually runs 25 stems, which is enough to green in about 8 cascade bridal bouquets.  If you buy 10 bunches, that is enough greens to do 80 bouquets!

Unless you plan on a large display of church florals or numerous centerpieces, a typical wedding can get away with 2 or 3 bunches of leather and have plenty for all the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.

I cut the fronts away from the central stem with a sharp floral knife so the cut end pierces the wet foam easily.

I begin this crescent bouquet with framing in the general shape with the leather leaf fern.

By quickly filling in with leather leaf, you can determine the final size of your bridal bouquet.

Greenery is fairly flexible.  I gently bend the cascade piece over to give it a gentle curve shape that will define the crescent shape.

I visualize how large I want the final bouquet to be.  It's a good idea to calculate how many flowers you intend to use in each bouquet, corsage and centerpiece.  This "recipe" allows you to order a specific quantity of flowers.  By referring to this list when designing, you'll know how many flowers to use in each design.

This helps keep you from getting carried away and putting too many flowers in a bouquet, only to run yourself short later when you get to your last bridesmaid bouquet!