Fresh Flower Wedding Bouquet

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Please don't skip the Finishing Touch.  If you don't have the advantage of a professional florist cooler (which, unlike home refrigerators, puts moisture INTO the air) the flower sealant hydrates the petals and seals the moisture in.  This helps prevent early wilting and petal transparency.

Today's bouquets take such a beating compared to bouquets of yesteryear.  It used to only have to be handed to the bride as she made the trip down the aisle and for a few pictures in the sanctuary. 

Today's brides are spending hours outside, they are jumping, tossing and swinging those bouquets around for so many early pictures.  A good misting of Finishing Touch before traveling to the church will help that bouquet last as long as possible.

Read the directions and be sure to allow to dry before refrigerating.  Regular kitchen refrigerators should be turned up a little warmer.  Do not store fresh flowers with any open fruits - the odors can wilt the flowers.

Read the directions on the can of Floralock before using.  Shake it THOROUGHLY to aerate the adhesive before spraying into the bouquet with the red straw.  Do not get carried away or you will have glue dripping down the sides of the holder and making a sticky mess.

If you have 24 roses in this single bouquet, you need to secure it with Floralock.  Period.  Otherwise you are going to be dropping roses out here and there.

The finished bouquet looks polished, professional with lovely line greenery draping on both sides.

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