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This modern flowers bouquet has a lot of lush greens that range from bright green to the soften ash look of the seeded eucalyptus.  You'll need the following supplies for a similar look:

One of my favorite greens is the beautiful seeded eucalyptus.  It adds so much interest and texture to any bouquet or centerpiece it is added to.

The bunches are not counted by stems, but rather by weight as shown below.

I constructed this flowers bouquet on an Elegant Bouquet Holder by Oasis.  Filled with MaxLife foam, it has a large head of foam and a built in wick in the handle so you can rest the finished bouquet in a vase of water and the wick will draw water up the handle and replenish the water as needed.

They come in three different styles available in both gold and silver finishes.

Don't forget the Floralife Flower Food.  The flowers are living, perishable products and need to be nourished to extend their life as long as possible.

After throughly soaking the bouquet holder in water treated with the correct amount of flower food, insert it into a narrow vase.  I secured mine with a small amount of floral clay to a heavy base to ensure it wouldn't topple forward as my flowers were added to the design.\

I start framing in the bouquet with a seeded eucalyptus lateral on the right side of the bouquet.

I'm going for a natural crescent shape for this style, so I added another lateral of seeded eucalyptus on the opposite side

I begin moving upward, filling in more greenery as I go.  I'm using shorter laterals at this point.  Don't forget the back of the bouquet.

You can see that the seeded eucalyptus fills in very quickly.

Put more laterals coming straight upward out of the top of the holder.

Fill in the bare spots with more of the leaves.

Here is a view from the top of the greened in bouquet.

Now we're ready to add in the flowers.  Although I kept this bouquet a cool mixture of softs greens and white flowers, you can give this a totally different color pallet by adding your own color choices.

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