White and Green brides bouquet

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This brides bouquet was the actual one I carried in my own wedding in July, 2017.  I was going for simplicity and have always loved the cool shades of green found in seeded eucalyptus bouquets.

Lysmachia is a dainty little flower with a graceful trailing head.

It worked very well for fitting in with the flowing crescent bouquet shape of this flower design.

I added several stems on both sides of the bouquet.

Here's a farther back view of the entire bouquet.

The tiny closed bulbs of bouvardia have always been a favorite of mine - both open and closed.

They open to a perfect little white stars in a cluster on a single stem.

I inserted these pure white flowers at the top, acting as my focal point of the bouquet.

I also adore the lacy white pattern of scabiosia.  This one had some fairly large flower heads and rather mimic Queen Anne's lace, except that I think it has longer staying power.

I tucked the scabiosia in clusters on both sides of the design.

You can see I included more bouvardia, even though the flower heads had not opened yet.  Don't feel you can't use flowers that haven't opened yet.  The buds also add beautiful textures and interest to your bouquets and will continue to open if they have a continuous water source.

I tucked a few of the minty leaves of Dusty Miller in the lower center.

Star of Bethlehem was another flower choice to add to my bouquet.  I cut off the high core center and added it on the other side of my bouquet.

These flowers nestled in close to the side of the scabiosia.  The soft spring greens blend in well, giving this bouquet a natural, earthy tone.

I added another white scabiosia dead center in the front side of the brides bouquet.

You can definitely tell that is is now a shaped crescent - but a new twist on the very loose and open crescent bouquets so popular in the 1970's.

This bouquet is made up of very long lasting flowers and greens, but I still misted it well with Finishing Touch flower sealant and allowed it to dry before storing it in my refrigerator.  The Finishing Touch will help guard against the moisture 

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