flower wreath

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This flower wreath is already lovely with just the different colored carnations.  Let's take it a step farther with some interesting secondary flowers.

Lavender stock smells delicious and adds a nice texture to the centerpiece.  You can cut the long stalk into several different lengths.

Tuck the flowers in at a slightly upward slant.

Tuck smaller sections in among the other flower heads.

Stock has a reminiscent look of sweet peas, but is available all year round.

The vibrant green of button mums can add a big pop of contrasting color to the flower wreath.

Button mums usually have several flower heads to a stem in are packed in 10 stem bunches.

Don't feel that the flower insertions have to be perfectly spaced.  Clustering heads here and there in a  give a random look.

Don't feel limited to this color scheme, as carnations come in a large range of colors such as pink, yellow, white, and two toned varieties.

I'm going to add some purple waxflower as a filler.

The tiny blooms with the grassy foliage adds another nice contrast to the larger blooms.

Now that the flowering is finished, let's explore different ways the same flower design can be displayed on the tables.

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