Flower Corsage Tutorial

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I always liked using rose and the other flower picks to keep the flower heads fresh longer.  I soaked them in water treated with flower food.

This allows you to make your corsage work a little farther in advance because of the water source.

They were a tightly rolled absorbent material rolled and taped onto a wire stem.

You inserted the pick tightly against the cut end of the flower and then wire and tape as usual.

You then insert a wire across the calyx (the bulb part of the flower right below the petals).

Then fold down the wires parallel to the rose pick.

Tape down the stem with floral tape.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer discontinued the larger rose picks - but I can still get the smaller flower and stephanotis picks in a limited basis.  You can choose to omit this step - but be sure to use a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch in order to extend the life of your flowers.

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