finishing bridal bouquet

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The final steps to completing our pink hand tied wedding bouquet aren't hard - but they are important.

The first is that you use a floral adhesive (such as Floralock) to ensure this many stems stay in place.

I use Floral Lock on most wedding bouquet.  It comes with a long red nozzle to fit in between the flower heads and spray close to the stems where they are inserted in the wet foam.

It dries clear and fastens tightly, even in wet or cold conditions.  Don't go overboard, but use short bursts.  You don't want the glue dripping down on the handle part of the bouquet.

I finish every wedding bouquet I make with a spray called Finishing Touch. This spray is used to hydrate and protect your fresh flowers. Shake it before using and spray it evenly, coating all the flower heads with it. Let the flowers dry before placing it in any refrigerated area. This product will make your flowers last throughout your wedding day.

Refrigerate if possible, after allowing the Finishing Touch to dry.  Turn the fridge up a little warmer than you would with food - you don't want the flowers to freeze.  Do not place near fruits, which give off gas that causes early wilting to fresh flowers.

As a final touch, I tucked in blades of Lily grass to encircle the flowers as shown.

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