feather wedding bouquet

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This feather wedding bouquet features deep plum calla lilies surrounded by blue feathers.  To create a similar look, you need the following hard goods and fresh flowers:

Lay your flowers out on your work bench, with everything in reach.  Put together the flowers as you would any spiral hand tie.

Before you buy feathers - READ THE DESCRIPTION!  Sometimes the buyer is disappointed because the feathers don't look quite as full as the picture shows.  Read the comments from previous buyers and the pictures they post.  Large full ostrich feathers are pricey.   Just keep in mind you get what you pay for.

The bottom feathers of each large ostrich plume need to be snipped away with scissors.  This creates a bare stem to lay against the flower handle. 

The top part of the ostrich feather need to be gently pulled downward.  Pinch the center top of the feather with your left hand and pull your other hand down the core, gently brushing the feathers downward.  Think of it like teasing hair with a comb.

Tape each feather to the bouquet with stem wrap, creating a outer collar around the bouquet.

Once all the feathers have been taped to the bouquet, wrap the stem with gold ribbon and secure with several corsage pins.

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