fall wedding centerpiece

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Float-soak Artesia® Floral Foam Ball in floral-nutrient water. Insert dry foam into urn. Cut river cane to desired length and insert into dry foam. Place soaked foam ball on top of river cane and push down. Arrange flowers and foliage. Glue moss in urn to conceal foam. Spray entire arrangement with Clear Crowning Glory®, making sure to completely coat the fronts and backs of the flowers. Refrigerate until delivery.

Start by reading how to process flowers correctly.  This will help your flowers stay fresh longer.  Cut your river cane or other products such as stems, ribbon or branches to cover the support pole.  If you haven't ever created a topiary before, read up on the step by step tutorials for this type of design.

Once finished and the entire topiary is securely locked in place in the urn, use Floralock Stem adhesive to lock the stems in place in the foam sphere.  If needed, replenish the water in the sphere (dribbling over from a water pitcher) as it is drank up each day by the fresh flowers.  This is important, as this amount of flowers will draw out more water than you expect.  Do not allow the foam to go dry.

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