fall centerpiece

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Your fall centerpiece can easily contain other brighter colors if you wish.  Don't feel limited to the ivory blossoms you see here.  Use oranges, purples and other fall colors if you want.

I extend the tips of the flowers a bit beyond the greenery tips.

Insert one variety of flowers at a time.  That way you can easily distribute the same color all around the centerpiece.

I'm now going to add some hydrangeas.  I don't want the large head to overpower the centerpiece, so I'm going to cut apart the laterals of this flower head and wire them separately.

Just use your wire cutters and snip apart the hydrangea head.

Bend a florist wire over to make a hook, then tape down with stem wrap to give this flower piece a longer stem for insertion into the foam.

Push deeper into the arrangement, noting the clusters of hydrangea blooms as shown in the photo below.

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