empire vase centerpiece

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This empire vase centerpiece is ready to transport and assemble

Wait until you arrive at the reception hall and line the top rim of the tower vase with floral clay.

Be sure to center the vase before attaching the flowers to the vase.  Once pressed together, the bond is very tight and will take a bit to separate.

Tilt the flowers over so you can see the bottom and pick up the vase.  Press it lightly against the bottom of the iglu cage.  Set the vase down and place your fingers on the rim of the Iglu and pull down very firmly, pressing the two parts of the centerpiece together.

As you can see, the bond is very tight.  Later, to remove the flower section, twist and pull to break the tight seal made by the floral clay.

Is your final empire centerpiece top heavy?  Break out the floral clay again.

Put a small ball of clay on all four points of the base of the tower vase.

Press down firmly on a large mirror.

You now have a centerpiece with a solid base that will keep the flowers from tipping over.

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