DIY Wedding Centerpieces

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DIY wedding centerpieces are very doable for a bride looking to save money on her wedding budget.  Be sure to check out all tutorials and choose projects you can handle.  Flower designing is supposed to be fun.  If this adds too much stress, enlist the help of friends and family and spread out the work.

Becoming organized and having all your work spaces ready before the flowers arrive is a big help.  Searching for water buckets when your flowers are delivers can be exasperating . . . so be sure and read how to process your flowers correctly and you'll know more what to expect.

Please feel free to change colors or flower varieties in your diy wedding centerpieces.  This same arrangement can be made in blue tones, reds, a mix of colors and more.  It's up to you as the designer to put your own creative juices to work.  Do you need more help than this recipe supplies?  You can find a detailed, step by step tutorial for this style of wedding centerpiece.   Once you've familiarized yourself with the basics, start exploring the recipes to find something you like!

For this DIY centerpiece, you'll need the following products:

Do you need more help with designing?  Check out tutorials for creating long and low centerpieces from beginning to end.

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