diy pomander

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DIY pomander designs for weddings is probably the easiest of all bouquet styles.  That is especially true if you have the right supplies, flowers and floristry products that help you keep your fresh flowers in great condition all the way up to your wedding day!

Obviously it isn't necessary to create this lovely flower ball in the colors show in the image below.  Feel free to substitute your own flower colors that match your wedding palette.

For as pictured, you'll need the following flowers and products:

Be sure to mist the entire pomander after you are finished with the Finishing Touch spray.  This will help seal the flower petals against early moisture loss.  If you can, store in a refrigerator, but don't pull it to the back.

Home refrigerators pull the moisture out of the cooling unit, while professional florist coolers deliberately put heavy moisture into the air.  You can combat the difference by using the flower sealant spray.

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