diy daisy bouquet

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This DIY daisy bouquet comes together pretty quickly.  Lay your cleaned stems against the clay, pressing lightly into place.  Add more stems until the handle is completely concealed.  Wrap florist tape around the stems, stopping a little less than halfway down the handle.

Start the florist tape high under the leaves, taping over the cut ends of the stems.  Pull the tape as you wrap around the handle, which will make it stick to itself and create a tight bond.

The stems may be uneven at the bottom.  You'll need a pair of pruning shears or bunch cutters to cut them off in a smooth cut.

Grip tightly together, using the bunch cutters to give clean cut.  

OASIS Bunch Cutters

You can also place it down on a cutting block, cutting through with a large smooth knife if you don't have bunch cutters.

The final stems should be long enough for a finished wrap with the stems down below and showing.   Extend the stems a little beyond the hidden bottom of the bouquet holder.

It's time to give your "hand tied bouquet" a pretty finish to the handle.  There are several options, including the newer "River of Diamonds" wrap that gives a sparkle - yet is impervious to water and can be safely immersed without damage to the wrap.

Ribbon is another option, but you have to take care to keep it clean and above the water line so it doesn't get wet or dirty.  You may want to wait on ribbon wrapping until shortly before the wedding ceremony.

One of the newer options I love is the decorative colored wire.  It comes in a lot of color choices, is impervious to water or dirt and can be done way ahead of time!

Simply conceal the end of the wire inbetween the flower stems and begin wrapping around the stem handle.

If you take care, you can create a tight smooth wrap that completely conceals the florist tape.

Finish by cutting off the wire and tucking the cut end high up into the bouquet foam so it doesn't come loose later.

The result is a clean, modern look that feels good to the hand, doesn't let sweaty palms discolor it and can be popped in a vase of water so the open end of the bouquet holder can wick up water to the foam head.

Let's examine our finished bouquet.  This is a delightful daisy hand-tied bouquet, with each flower head perfectly in place.  

From all angles, the bouquet is beautiful and will stay fresh longer because it has a (secret!) water source!

The final step to all my fresh flower designs is to use a finishing spray sealant, which locks the moisture into the flower petals and slows evaporation.

Finishing Touch by Floralife is a great product.  I use it on all my own flower designs.  DIY brides do not have the advantage of a florist cooler.  They are designed to put humidity INTO the air, while home air conditioners and refrigerators pull moisture OUT of the air.  

This product helps keep the flower heads hydrate longer.

Mist the Finishing Touch over the flower heads.  Make sure the foam doesn't go dry by dribbling water for the faucet over it now and then.