corsage accents

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Attention to corsage accents creates a better design.   I'm going to fill in the remaining holes of this corsage with ribbon loops and ivy.

Bend the ribbon at a downward slant, since this is going in at the bottom of the corsage.

Fill in around the flower heads where ever there looks like a hole.

Tape these last remaining loops into place.

I'm going to tuck more ivy in the underside of the corsage.

Taping all these last pieces into place.

After the last of my flowers and ribbon loops are in place, I'm going to conceal any remaining mechanics of this corsage with greens.  Here is one of my wired Israeli Ruscus leaves.

Bend the leaf into the shape needed to fit against the corsage and under the flower heads.

I'm taping two of the leaves in the back, on the bottom at a complete 90 degree angle (facing out towards the sides).

Here's a view from the underside of the bottom of the corsage.

Here's a view from face on the front of this newly assembled corsage.

Finally a back view showing more how the flowers actually bend outwards from the center stem.

The final leaves really do complete the look of this rose and carnation corsage.  These leaves are bend almost double.

It's going to be placed in the center under the very bottom flower.

You can see that the traditional wired corsage is clustered nicely, with sprays of ribbon loops and different kinds of greenery coming out from all sides.

Clip any overly long ribbon shorter with a clean cut from a pair of scissors.

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