finishing the corsage

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We are now finishing the corsage.  A bottom view upward shows the mechanics covered.  Now is the time to add a bow at the bottom if you desire.

I'm going to cut off the bottom stem and curl it forward and make sure the cut wires are all smoothly covered with floral tape.  Before doing that, I'm going to add a bit more ivy on the bottom to fill in that empty space.

I'm curving the ivy around in a half circle pattern so it can be tucked up under the bottom of the corsage.

Tape into place from the right side.

The shaped ivy leaves makes a pleasing contrast to the white rose.

Interesting textures and contrasts is what makes a beautiful corsage.

I would rather finish with a few more ribbon loops that add an entire bow at the bottom.

I bend the loops into the shape I want.

I finish by placing these loops on the right and left at the bottom of the design.

You can see how the illusion of a bow is carried out all through the corsage, without overpowering the beauty of the flowers themselves.

Now I'm going to finish off the bottom stem of my corsage design.  I could ribbon wrap it, curl it up as is or cut it off shorter.  It's just a matter of personal preference.

If you do cut it, take small nips with a heavy duty pair of wire cutters.  Trying to cut the whole stem that is bulky with corsage tape is hard to do at times.

There will be some sharp points of the individual wires showing after a cut.

Tap them down with the side of your wire cutters and then fold a piece of corsage tape over the end, stretching it so it will stick to the stem.

Mold it in place with your fingers.

Bend upwards with your fingers if you desire.

Continue to smooth out any tears of bulging pieces of tape.

I gave a tight twist on the end.

This gives a nice finished look to the bottom.

Corsages can be a little tricky at first, but you soon get into a rhythm and will find that you can product a beautiful, professional looking corsage that anyone would be proud to wear!

I finish all my wedding designs by spraying with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch.

Be sure to allow it to dry and place your finished corsages in refrigerator.  If it is a day or two before the event, be sure to remist, allow to dry and place back into the refrigerator.  This extends your cut flower work the longest, keeping the petal hydrated.

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