Church Wedding Flowers

Mixed Greenery

The greening tape isn't necessary if the foam is a very tight fit and there is no danger of it coming loose from the container.

You can see from the side view I have plenty of foam in which to insert lateral stems of flowers and greenery.

I'm using a mixed sleeve of greenery called a "Green Bouquet"  The varieties may change from time to time according to harvest seasons.  Jade or Emerald (other tall palm like greens) are sometimes substituted for the fan palm shown here.

Cut the cellophane sleeve off carefully with a knife, taking care not to cut the greenery.

Remove or cut off the rubber bands.

Greenery should be cut under water like flowers and stored in a bucket of water WITHOUT flower food.  Flower food can tend to turn some greens yellow.  Greens are very long lasting and don't need food like flowers do for nourishment.